Flora’s Fauna

Thursday 9th June 2022

Tags: Crochet, MAL/CAL/KAL

We are so excited to be sponsoring another exciting new CAL by Rosina Plane (Rosina Crochets). It’s called Flora's Fauna and is a celebration of the natural world featuring with all kinds of woodland flora and fauna.   

We caught up with Rosina to find out more about her inspiration for this gorgeous CAL. 
“Flora was my mother-in-law, who sadly passed away in January this year. She was a keen amateur artist, with a real love for nature in all its forms, and was especially talented at painting wildlife, somehow managing to give the little animals she painted a real sense of personality,” she told us. The idea for this CAL came to her literally the day after Flora died, almost as a special parting gift.

This 8-part CAL, a blanket in two sizes, is worked using the overlay mosaic crochet technique, and finished off with a simple envelope border to hide the loose ends. It is suitable for beginners to mosaic crochet as it only uses basic crochet stitches and there are really helpful videos for each part as it is released.

Rosina has put together four colourways for you to choose from. Three of the colour packs (Meadow, Forest and Glen) were inspired by various habitats where the animals might be found, and the fourth (Nocturnal) uses a reduced palette and inverts the colours of the animals to give the effect of night-vision photography.

You can now buy the Introduction to Flora’s Fauna here which contains all the information you need to prepare, including yarn requirements and gauge swatch. Part 1 will be added on 17th June.

With so many ‘environments’ to choose from, we can’t wait to see which you choose.