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Life Super Chunky 9889


Charm 9883


Charm 9882

Hats & Scarves

Highland Heathers Aran 9878


Softie 9818

Ladies Accessories

Special XL Tweed 9810

Ladies Accessories

Special XL Tweed 9805

Ladies Accessories

Amor 9803

Cardigan and Accessories

Highland Heathers DK 9797


Highland Heathers DK 9796

Ladies Snoods

Special XL 9791

Ladies Accessories

Special XL 9786

Ladies Accessories

Special Aran 9770

Scarf, Shawl and Wrist Warmers

Life Super Chunky 9734

Scarves and Cowl

New Swift Knit 9725

Cardigan, Scarf and Hat

Bellissima 9706

Sweater, Scarf and Hat

Bellissima 9705

Scarves and Hats

Bellissima 9702

Sweater, Hat and Scarf

Bellissima Chunky 9692

Shawls, Hats and Cowl

Cosy Delight 9688

Sweater, Cowl and Hat

Batik Swirl 9676

Cardigan, Scarf and Hat

Batik Swirl 9675

Jacket, Scarf and Hat

Batik Swirl 9673

Sweater , Cowl and Hat

Batik Swirl 9671

Sweater, Cowl and Wrist Warmers

Special Aran with Wool 9663

Sweater and Cowls

Special Aran with Wool 9662

Sweater, Cowl and Hat

Special Aran with Wool 9661

Cardigan, Cowl and Hat

Special Aran with Wool 9660

Sweater and Cowl

Life DK 9657

Scarf, Hat and Mittens

New Wondersoft DK 9639

Scarves and Shawls

Special XL 9589

Scarf and Shawls

Bellissima 9588

Sweater, Snood and Hat

Special Aran with Wool 9555

Cardigan, Snood and Hat

Special Aran with Wool 9554

Sweater, Cardigan Scarf

Batik Swirl 9538

Cardigan, Sweater and Cowl

Batik Swirl 9536

Scarf Cowl and Mitts

Batik Swirl 9489


Batik Swirl 9486

Sweater, Scarf and Hat

Batik Swirl 9484

Sweater, Cardigan and Cowl

Batik Swirl 9483

Snood, Scarf and Hats

Life Super Chunky 9447


Batik Elements 9411

Sweater and Snood

Eskimo 9227


Life Aran 9196

Pram Set

New Wondersoft DK 8120

Hats, Scarves and Mittens

Special Aran 8049

Special XL Accessories

Special XL 608

Special XL Scarves

Special XL 607

Jacket, Scarf, Hat, Mittens and Blanket

Special for Babies Aran 4854


Life DK 4389


Special DK 4388

Mock Cable Hat


Softie F099

Cabaret Accessories


Cabaret DK F097

Crochet Time Traveller Scarf


Special DK F067

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Crocheted Succulents

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It's a dog's life

6th January 2022

Did you know that it’s Walk Your Dog Month across the world in January?  Not only is it essential that your precious pooch gets plenty of exercise but it’s great for you too....

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Deck the halls

2nd December 2nd02nd1

Now that it’s December we don’t feel at all guilty about cranking up the Christmas music, getting the Christmas card list out and starting to plan our decorations. There are lots of...

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