Prickly friends

Thursday 19th September 2019

Tags: Blogstars, Crochet, Fun, Techniques

IMG-20190805-WA0008At the recent Stylecraft Purl Anniversary party, the delightful Emma Varnam held a workshop to teach 10 lucky people how to crochet succulents. Screenshot 2019-09-10 at 10.20.33 That’s not as random as it sounds because Emma has a new book out called Crocheted Succulents. It is such a fun book with loads of patterns to try.  Emma has carefully designed each plant to be fun to make and barely distinguishable from the real thing. materials We thought we would have a go.  We chose some Special DK in shade Green and Eskimo in shade Winter white for the cactus spines. More about that pile of ends later. [gallery ids="2032,2033" type="rectangular"] The design was super quick to make and looks very effective. stuffing We have a top tip for stuffing your succulent or any other amigurumi or toy pattern.  Whenever you are sewing in ends or neatening up a project, put the off-cuts in to a bag.  If you are making a blanket, the ends will quickly mount up and can be so useful as stuffing. [gallery ids="2035,2034" type="rectangular"] We had enough to pad out our flowerpot (available from craft shops) and cactus to make it look even more real.  This beauty has already fooled a few people around the office and we are now ready to choose our next plant from the book.  At least we don’t need to remember to water it, we just need to decide on a name.