Make Along

Thursday 12th September 2019

Tags: Blogstars, Fun

Have you seen our new Stylecraft Make Along (MAL) group on Facebook? From next week there will be a new, specially designed project from one of our talented Blogstars roughly every 3 weeks, so we wanted to create a space where we can all work on the projects together. The first project will launch on Monday designed by Emma May at Pippin Poppycock, featuring one of our new yarns. In the meantime, we are warming up with our two toy designs from this season, Bruno and Jessie. Bruno and Jessie Collage What we really love about these designs is that they both come in knit and crochet versions. [gallery ids="2027,2029" type="rectangular"] Here is our Jessie being finished.  When you have made her body, arms and legs it is definitely worth blocking the pieces to make sewing up a bit easier. And we are using mattress stitch for a neat seam. Another tip is to stuff each part as you sew it up.  It makes it easier to get the stuffing more even. Jessie's clothes We have had great fun with Jessie’s wardrobe.  We decided to make her dress in a solid colour and give her matching shoes. How coordinated is that!  Her zingy jacket is so on trend. Now we can’t wait to start on Bruno.  If you want to join us, hurry over to our group.