Good Striations!

Thursday 24th October 2019

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The next project to hit our MAL group will be the Good Striations blanket and cushion from the very talented Helen Kurtz from The Woolly Adventures of a Knitty Kitty and it is a real treat for knitters. We thought we would give you a sneak preview and get some inside info from Helen to share with you. Screenshot 2019-10-14 at 16.22.28 The blanket itself is knitted in Bellissima and Bambino, and features an optical illusion effect, created by slipping stitches.  It might look complicated but actually all you are doing is knitting stripes – what could be more fun! IMG_2380 The cushion is a riot of colour and would be a great way to use up some of your leftover Stylecraft yarns.  It’s fascinating how different combinations of colours throw different parts of the pattern forward. IMG_2285 Helen told us: ”I love stripes and colour in a blanket and wanted to design something a little different. Since I’ve been diagnosed with a rare muscle disease called myositis, I’ve spent a lot of time researching online to find out as much information as I can about my illness. Having had a muscle biopsy, I was interested in looking at images to see what they showed. This sent me off down a route looking at photos of muscle under the microscope and it occurred to me that the bundles of muscle fibres made an effective repeating pattern. If you look hard enough, you can find a pattern in pretty much anything!” IMG_20191008_172411 We couldn't resist trying out some colours oursleves in Bellissima and Special DK. You can find the pattern for the Good Striations blanket and pattern here.  Helen has very generously discounted the pattern until the end of October to £4.20 and £1 from each sale will be donated to Myositis UK.