Wednesday 20th February 2019

Tags: Fun

Each and every Tuesday morning the call goes out on our Facebook page for #CleverCrafters.  If you’ve ever wondered what this is all about, it’s our way of showcasing all the amazing pieces of crochet and knitting that the lovely Stylecraft fans are producing in our range of yarns. We are inundated with the most amazing pictures and extraordinarily beautiful projects that you have been making, and then comes the really difficult part.  We have to choose just a few to share as our #CleverCrafters.  You can’t begin to imagine how tough it is to get a consensus when all our team have their own favourites, but each week we endeavour to bring you something to inspire you in your own making. We really like it when you tell us a bit about why you made a particular project and which Stylecraft yarn you have used. nargis saeed cat We recently heard from Naargis who told us her daughter insisted the cat needed a sweater. Not sure how happy the cat looks about its new wardrobe, though. Sarah Brooke Viking hat Has Sarah Brooke been binge watching Vikings? Ali Montros chair Wouldn’t you just love this chair by Ali Montros? Hayley-Belle Crane blanket We love the colours in this blanket by Hailey-Belle Deborah Hutchinson dog What a cute pooch from Deborah Hutchinson Susan Evans Cacti We think Susan Evans might have an advance copy of our Blogstar, Emma Varnam’s book of Crocheted Succulents Screenshot 2019-02-12 at 15.37.59 Sue Smith took on this gorgeous cabled jacket for her grandson last summer when the temperature was 31.5°C in the shade!  Brave woman So, if you have completed a project you are particularly proud of why not enter it to our #CleverCrafters over on Facebook.