Blogstars get together

Thursday 21st March 2019

Tags: Blogstars

The weather was definitely inclement on Saturday 9th March, with high winds and hail battering our mill building, but we hardly noticed because we were warm and snug inside with lots of new yarns to look at and the lovely Blogstars to keep us company. choosing patternsThe latest Blogstar get together began on Friday afternoon. As you know it is our 30th anniversary so we invited them to go through our archive of designs from the last 3 decades and help us choose the patterns for our Purl Anniversary collection. Havana blanketOn Saturday morning we got together to present our new yarns to the Blogstars with several dialling in from abroad to join us. Lucia from Lucia's Fig Tree delighted us by bringing along her Havanna Blanket and Havanna Shawl. 53919545_312588112776727_7256486098589712384_n The shawl had been been crocheted in new yarn Dreamcatcher. The ways the colours played together looks quite amazing, and there were lots of oohs and aahs from all of us. workshopIn the afternoon, we held a little workshop for the Blog stars. They had been tasked with creating an A5 book cover to bring along and now they were going to make the book to go inside it - a simple one with just 20 pages, perfect to keep in your knitting or crochet bag. With their arms full of yarn samples we waved our favourite ladies off on the journey home. Until July, dear friends.