Blogstar Spotlight – Helen Shrimpton

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Tags: Blogstars, Crochet

Helen Shrimpton, from Crystals and Crochet, is an amazing crochet designer, based in Cornwall, and this month she is the focus of our Blogstar Spotlight.  Helen has an incredible global following and her CALs are a regular fixture in our crochet calendar. Felicity-1a-1 She has just launched the Felicity cushion pattern with versions in our Classique Cotton and our new Naturals Bamboo+Cotton, and has a lots more designs coming up – we can’t wait.  Tell us a bit about you? I am a full-time designer and blogger, living in Cornwall -UK. IMG_3876 When I am not working, I can be found walking on the beach with my furry friend Mr J, he is a Westie. What inspires you? Life, nature, colour. The people who make my designs and support me as a designer give me the inspiration to come up with new designs and ideas. When did you start blogging? I have blogged and written for over ten years, but my crochet-based blog started about 5 years ago. ORANGE_THROW_Shot_19_1489 What kind of things does your blog cover? Mainly crochet based, with tutorials and patterns, but also some bits and bobs about my life and travels. As well as your blog, which other social media can people find you on? Facebook is the social media platform that I use, I have a page (which I rarely use) and a group called Helen’s Hookaholics, so named as everyone says my patterns are addictive. This is where I spend a lot of time helping and supporting my followers, plus I have an amazing team of helpers there from around the world to help people at any time of day or night. Blue-Continuum What have you got coming up? I have just launched a new website, I have 2 new blanket patterns coming in the next few months, plus there will be a CAL later in the year. Which Stylecraft yarn is your favourite? Without a doubt Stylecraft Special DK, I love the feel and weight of the yarn and the awesome choice of colours. I design mainly blankets so Special DK is the perfect yarn. Marmite, love it or loathe it? YUCK hate it, hate it, hate it! Chain or magic loop (crochet)? Magic loop every time, much more controllable.