Blogstar Spotlight – Every Trick on the Hook

Thursday 14th May 2020

Tags: Blogstars, MAL/CAL/KAL

Our Blogstar Spotlight today welcomes Polly Plum from Every Trick on the Hook.  Crocheters will know her work, full of colour and texture. She describes her blog as ‘Crochet for the adventurous’ and her designs help you to learn new techniques and develop your skills. Her latest pattern called Prismatic, has just launched and will be our Make Along from 18th May, so why not join us? DSC_0899-logo (1) Tell us a bit about you? I live in New Mexico with my partner, our 1-year old daughter, and 2 dogs. But I’m actually a California girl with Pennsylvania roots. My mom taught me to crochet and read patterns when I was about twelve. Though I took to it immediately, it was quite a few years before I was committed enough to finish any big projects. Now it’s a huge part of my life and my main creative outlet. When I’m not crocheting, I’m dreaming up new crochet ideas. The rest of the time I’m spending time with my family. We love the outdoors, hiking, camping, and everything about nature. But we’re also pretty happy at home with a pizza and a good sci-fi movie. Imagine hex What inspires you? So many things. Nature is where I go to refresh and rejuvenate my creativity. I also love math, especially geometry, and seeing how shapes and lines come together to fill space and make interesting compositions and patterns. But my greatest inspiration has always been music. When I close my eyes, I can see the sounds as colours and shapes, and I’m always chasing those visions trying to capture them in reality. When did you start blogging? Just about 5 years ago when I started designing afghan blocks. blanket stack What kind of things does your blog cover? I mostly talk about my patterns and my tips, tricks, and hints for making crochet easier or more refined. As well as your blog, which other social media can people find you on? My Facebook page is Every Trick on the Hook and I have an active, fun and helpful Facebook group called the Polly Plum Pattern Posse. You can find me on Instagram @polly_plum_crochet and on Ravelry as PollyPlum. DSC_0989-sans What have you got coming up? So many afghan designs are in the works. But after my recent design – Prismatic – I’m most looking forward to an afghan made of hexagons. That just might include a crochet along. regatta hat Which Stylecraft yarn is your favourite? Always the one I’m currently using, and right now that’s Special DK. I’ve been pushing myself to come up with more interesting colour combinations recently and the wide range is perfect for that. I also love that it’s such great quality, so soft and an incredible value. It’s really got it all! What are you watching or reading? Currently I’m listening to audiobooks so that I can crochet more, obviously. Right now, I’m listening to The Dark Artifices series by Cassandra Clare. Young Adult fantasy is my guilty pleasure. Sweet or savoury? First one and then the other!