Behind the scenes

Thursday 23rd May 2019

Tags: Fun

We bet you think that photo shoots are all glamour and luxury. The models, the make-up, the gorgeous clothes, the exotic locations. To be honest being on a shoot is huge fun. It's exciting to see the looks being created for the season, months after we first looked at garment sketches. We love to meet our models and watch them being glammed up before they try our garments on.  Can’t you hear the ooohs and aaahs as they emerge for the shots?

But because most of our shoots take place in the UK, the weather can sometimes make life a little interesting, although you’d never know it from the images we select for our patterns.  Our photographers are brilliant at nailing images.

Have a look at this video for the autumn winter season to see what we are up against. Our model Dayse Lima, was such a brave soul and kept smiling and working despite the fact that at times she was certainly battling the elements in April on our shoot on the south coast.