Ametsa Shawl

Thursday 22nd August 2019

Tags: Blogstars, Crochet

Kathryn from Crafternoon Treats is one of our lovely Blogstars.  If you haven’t seen her podcasts, they are packed full of ideas for crochet as well as really useful hints and tips. [gallery ids="2010,2011,2012" type="rectangular"] She has designed a wonderful new crochet shawl called Ametsa, which you may have seen on our social media.  It uses two colours of our wonderful Dreamcatcher yarn.  It is a deceptively simple design that creates wonderful colour effects as the two shades are worked alternately. The pattern is really well written and if you buy a copy you will also get access to technique videos for the stitches and how to carry the yarn up the side of the shawl so you don’t have to sew in lots of ends. Shawls Kathryn has suggested three different colourways in the pattern but we have been trying some of our own to show you how very versatile this design is. multi Here you can see Apache and Chinook green Or you might like to try Comanche and Blackfoot. red We also tried the design using just one colour and the effect is also pretty gorgeous. Our swatches are just mini versions so we could give you a taste of the effects you can achieve, but we can’t wait to finish and wear the Ametsa shawl.