DISCONTINUED Alpaca Chunky Pattern 9114 Ladies Cardigan

Sizes 81-102cm, 32-40in

Product SKU: 190-9114

Barcode: 5034533054020

When there is a chill in the air just reach for this beautiful Alpaca chunky cardigan. The pretty design will look wonderful over a simple T to add a finishing touch to your winter staples.

Pattern Errata: Page 2 Column 2. BACK: Row 3 should read 8[9,10,10,11], (sl 1, k2, psso, p2) 6 times. Page 3 column 2 Row 3 near top P3[2,2,4,4,] , k1tbl, (sl1, k2, psso, K2) 3 times, (p2, k1tbl)

RIGHT FRONT: Row 2 should read: K3[2,2,4,4,] (p1tbl, k2) 8[9,10,10,11) times, (p3, k2) 3 times, p1tbl, k3. Row 3: P3, k1tbl, (p2,sl 1 k2, psso) 3 times,(p2, k1tbl) 8[9,10,10,11] times, p3[2,2,4,4]. Row 4: K3[2,2,4,4,], (p1tbl, k2) 8[9,10,10,11] times, (p1, yrn,p1,k2) 3 times, p1tbl, k3. SLEEVES BOTH THE SAME: Row 3 should read: K0[2,2,4,4], l1tbl. (p2,k1tbl) 4 times, K1tbl, p0[2,2,4,4,].

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