Crochet Patterns

  • 5034533049262.jpg

    Wondersoft DK Pattern 8570 Crochet Cardigan Hat Blanket and Cushion

    Sizes 31-56cm, 12-22in

  • 5034533049279.jpg

    Wondersoft 4 Ply Pattern 8571 Crochet Cardigans and Hat

    Sizes 31-56cm, 12-22in

  • 5034533049644.jpg

    Classique Cotton DK Pattern 8600 Crochet Sweater

    Sizes 81-107cm, 32-42in

  • 5034533049651.jpg

    Classique Cotton DK Pattern 8601 Crochet Cardigan

    Sizes 81-107cm, 32-42in

  • 8717.jpg

    Wondersoft DK Pattern 8717 Crochet Cardigans and Waistcoat

    Sizes 31-56cm, 12-22in

  • 8718.jpg

    Wondersoft DK Pattern 8718 Crochet Jacket, Hat and Blanket

    Sizes 31-56cm, 12-22in

  • 8762.jpg

    Life and Special Chunky Pattern 8762 Crochet Beanie Hat and Fingerless Mitts

    One Size

  • 8763.jpg

    Classique Cotton DK Pattern 8763 Crochet Beanie Hat and Cowl

    One Size

  • 8764.jpg

    Special Chunky Pattern 8764 Crochet Beanie Hat and Cowl

    One Size

  • 8812.jpg

    DISCONTINUED Summer Breeze DK Pattern 8812 Crochet Beach Cover Up

    Sizes S/M - XL/XXL

  • 8849.jpg

    Classique Cotton DK Pattern 8849 Crochet Storage Pots and Mats

  • 8850.jpg

    Classique Cotton DK Pattern 8850 Crochet Tech Covers

  • 8851.jpg

    Classique Cotton DK Pattern 8851 Crochet Cushions

  • 8852_New.jpg

    Classique Cotton DK Pattern 8852 Crochet Slipper Boots

    Sizes 4-7

  • 8853.jpg

    Classique Cotton DK Pattern 8853 Crochet Tea and Mug Cosy

  • 9090.JPG

    Life DK Pattern 9090 Crochet Blanket and Cushion Cover

    One Size

  • 9091.jpg

    Life DK Pattern 9091 Crochet Blanket, Cushion Cover and Bunting

    One Size

  • 9092.jpg

    DISCONTINUED Nordic Super Chunky Pattern 9092 Crochet Cushion Covers

    One Size

  • 9098 Complete_p2 copy.jpg

    Alpaca DK Pattern 9098 Crochet Scarf and Mittens

    One Size

  • 9099 Complete_p2 copy.jpg

    Alpaca DK Pattern 9099 Crochet Tea Cosy and Tea Pot Mat

    One Size

  • 9100 Complete_p2 copy.jpg

    Alpaca DK Pattern 9100 Crochet Granny Square Blanket

    One Size

  • 9101 Complete_p2 copy.jpg

    Alpaca DK Pattern 9101 Crochet Star Motif Runner

    One Size

  • 9120_Complete_p2.jpg

    Senses Lace Pattern 9124 Crochet Shawl and Scarf

    One Size

  • 9125_Complete_p2-1.jpg

    Senses Lace Pattern 9125 Crochet Messenger Bag and Notebook Cover

    Bag: 40cm Wide x 8cm Deep x 31cm High Notebook Cover: 25cm Wide x 17cm Long

  • 9137.jpg

    Classique Cotton DK Pattern 9137 Crochet Star and Circle Cushions

    One Size

  • 9138.jpg

    Classique Cotton DK Pattern 9138 Crochet Hexagon Star Throw

    One Size

  • 9139.jpg

    Classique Cotton DK Pattern 9139 Crochet Throw and Cushion

    One Size

  • 9147 Crochet.jpg

    DISCONTINUED Malabar Aran Pattern 9147 Crochet Throw and Cushion

    One Size

  • 9148.jpg

    DISCONTINUED Malabar Aran Pattern 9148 Crochet Cowl and Wrist Warmers Set

    One Size

  • 9149.jpg

    DISCONTINUED Malabar Aran Pattern 9149 Crochet Shawls

    One Size

  • 9156.jpg

    Special DK Pattern 9156 Crochet Daisy Square Blanket and Baby Bib

    One Size

  • 9157.jpg

    Carnival Chunky Pattern 9157 Crochet Wheel In Square Throw and Cushion

    One Size

  • 9158.jpg

    Carnival Chunky Pattern 9158 Crochet Hexagon Throw and Cushion

    One Size

  • 9159.jpg

    Carnival Chunky Pattern 9159 Crochet Granny Square Throw and Cushion

    One Size

  • 9160.jpg

    Carnival Chunky Pattern 9160 Crochet Lace Shawl and Scarf with Mittens

    One Size

  • 9161.jpg

    Wondersoft Merry Go Round Pattern 9161 Crochet Bunny and Blankie

    Cute rabbit toys. One Size

  • 9214.jpg

    Wondersoft Merry Go Round and Life DK Pattern 9214 Kittens & Paw Print Pillow

    One Size. Toys

  • 9215.jpg

    Wondersoft Merry Go Round and Life DK Pattern 9215 Puppies and Paw Print Blankie

    One Size. Toys

  • 9216 dragon.jpg

    Special Effects Dk, Life DK & Special DK Pattern 9216 Crochet Dragon Heads

    One Size. Toys

  • 9217.jpg

    Merry Go Round DK, Life DK & Special DK Pattern 9217 Giraffe Heads

    One Size. Toys

  • 9231a.jpg

    Alpaca Tweed DK and Alpaca DK Pattern 9231 Circle Motif Throw

    116cm (46in) square

  • 9232a.jpg

    Life DK Pattern 9232 Square in a Square Throw

    84cm wide x 114cm long / 33in wide x 45in long

  • 9233a.jpg

    Special Aran Pattern 9233 Chevron Flower Throw

    102cm (40in) square

  • 9255 Special DK Tartan crochet1.jpg

    Special DK Pattern 9255 Crochet Blanket and Cushion Cover

    One Size.

  • 9256 5.jpg

    Life DK Pattern 9256 Crochet Blankets

    One Size.

  • 9263e.jpg

    DISCONTINUED Malabar DK Pattern 9263 Cardigan and Tees

    Sizes 81/86-122/127cm, 32/34-48/50in

  • 9264a.jpg

    DISCONTINUED Malabar DK Pattern 9264 Crochet Tees

    Sizes 81/86-122/127cm, 32/34-48/50in

  • 9274aaa.jpg

    Wondersoft DK Pattern 9274 Crochet Blankets

    One Size.

  • 9275a.jpg

    Lullaby DK Pattern 9275 Crochet Blanket and Comforter

    One Size.

  • 9285.jpg

    DISCONTINUED Malabar DK Pattern 9285 Flower Throw and Bolster

    Throw- 74cm x 96cm, Bolster (flat)- 30.5cm x 70cm

  • 9286.jpg

    DISCONTINUED Malabar DK Pattern 9286 Blanket in a Bag

    Blanket- 99cm x 81cm Bag- 28cm x 36cm

  • 9287.jpg

    Sundae DK Pattern 9287 Throw and Over Cushion

    Throw- 130cm x 74cm, Over Cushion - 66cm x 37cm

  • 9288.jpg

    Classique Cotton DK Pattern 9288 Wraps

    Wrap with square ends- 40.5cm x 208cm, Wrap with pointed ends- 36cm x 220cm

  • Batik 9293 1.jpg

    Batik DK Pattern 9293 Sweater & Wrap

    81/86-122/127cm, 32/34-48/50in

  • Batik 9294 1.jpg

    Batik DK Pattern 9294 Sweater

    81/86-122/127cm, 32/34-48/50in

  • Batik 9298.jpg

    Batik DK Pattern 9298 Blanket & Cushion

    Blanket 103x130cm, 40x40in Cushion 45x45cm, 17 1/2x17 1/2in

  • Batik 9299.jpg

    Batik DK Pattern 9299 Blanket in a Bag

    Blanket 155x115cm, 61x45in Bag 33x28cm, 13x11in

  • Batik 9300.jpg

    Batik DK Pattern 9300 Blanket & Cushion

    Blanket 98x68cm, 38 1/2x27in Cushion 35x35cm, 13 3/4x13 3/4

  • Caberet 9303 3.jpg

    Cabaret DK Pattern 9303 Crochet Accessories

    Ladies- One Size

  • Carnival 9306.jpg

    Carnival Chunky & Special Aran Pattern 9306 Blanket & Cushion

    Blanket 120x120cm, 47x47in Cushion 43x43cm, 17x17in

  • Carnival 9307.jpg

    Carnival Chunky & Special Aran Pattern 9307 Blanket & Cushion

    Blanket 158x158cm, 62x62in Cushion 48x38cm, 19x15in

  • 9323 a.jpg

    Wondersoft 4 Ply Pattern 9323 Dress and Bolero

    Sizes 0-6 Months - 2-3 Years

  • 9324 a.jpg

    Wondersoft DK Pattern 9324 Dress and Tunic

    Age 0-6 Months - 2-3 Years

  • 9325 a.jpg

    Wondersoft DK Pattern 9325 Hoody and Sweater

    Age 0-6 Months - 2-3 Years

  • 9326 a.jpg

    Wondersoft DK Pattern 9326 Jacket and Sweater

    Age 0-6 Months - 2-3 Years

  • 9327.jpg

    Wondersoft DK Pattern 9327 Blanket and Block

    Blanket - 60cm, 23.75in square - Block - 12x12x12cm, 4.75x4.75x4.75in

  • 9328.jpg

    Wondersoft DK Pattern 9328 Blanket and Cushion

    Blanket - 60x75cm, 23.75x29.5in Cushion - 37.5x37.5cm, 14.75x14.75in

  • 9329.jpg

    Classique Cotton DK Pattern 9329 Bernard Baker Bear

    25cm, 10in tall

  • 9330.jpg

    Classique Cotton DK Pattern 9330 Annabarrel

    25cm, 10in tall

  • 9353.jpg

    Alpaca Tweed DK, Life DK, Wondersoft DK Pattern 9353 Toys

    25cm, 10in tall

  • 9354.jpg

    Merry Go Round DK, Life DK, Eskimo DK, Alpaca Tweed DK, Alpaca DK Pattern 9354 Toys

    26cm, 10 1/4in tall (seated)

  • 9365 a.jpg

    Sundae DK Pattern 9365 Tee Shirt and Cardigan

    81/86-122/127cm, 32/34-48/50in

  • 9372 a.jpg

    Classique Cotton 4 ply Pattern 9372 Cardigan & Vest

    81/86-122/127cm, 32/34-48/50in

  • 9373 a.jpg

    Classique Cotton 4 ply Pattern 9373 Tee & Cardigan

    81/86-122/127cm, 32/34-48/50in

  • 9378 a.jpg

    Classique Cotton DK Pattern 9378 Cardigan & Vest

    81/86-122/127cm, 32/34-48/50in

  • 9385 a.jpg

    Mystique Quick & Light Pattern 9385 Waistcoat & Tee

    81/86-122/127cm, 32/34-48/50in

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